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Course Readings

Instructions for faculty and staff for adding and managing Course Readings in Canvas

Copyright and Course Readings

Course Readings is a helpful tool for generating reading lists and has been integrated with Canvas for ease of use. This Course Readings platform easily allows faculty to find a content diverse items from the Library Catalog and direct their students to these items the Library has already purchased. However, when a copyrighted item is not available through the Library, it is up to the instructor to determine if they can upload and share copyrighted material to their Course Readings list. Instructors should use the steps outlined in this Copyright Research Guide to help make decisions on using copyrighted materials. 

The Library can help with this process, however it is ultimately up to the instructor to make the decision. 


This guide provides information and resources on copyright and how it relates to your research, teaching, publishing and other academic activities. It helps with understanding:

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Everyone in the Mines community makes use of works authored by others and/or is an author themselves. Copyright defines your control over how others use your work, offers protection of your rights, and also defines restrictions on use of others' work.

This guide page is an educational tool for faculty, staff and students at Colorado School of Mines and does NOT constitute legal advise or an interpretation of the law. Employees of the Colorado School of Mines Library cannot provide legal advise for copyright dispute. Please contact the Scholarly Communications Librarian for any questions.