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Provides an overview of copyright basics, fair use, permission requests, and using copyrighted material for teaching (face-to-face and online).

Mines policies pertaining copyright

Highlight of policies pertaining copyrights at Colorado School of Mines

See a full list of Colorado School of Mines policies at

Use of Digital Materials and Rights Management Statement - Arthur Lakes Library

Use of Digital Materials and Rights Management Statement
Arthur Lakes Library, 2015

Digital items copyrighted. All rights reserved.

We encourage use of materials from our digital collections under the fair use provisions of copyright law, US Code Title 17. These items may be used for personal, scholarly or educational purposes, provided that you include a copyright/attribution statement and a credit line with each item.

Example: Photographer, L. E. Leroy. Courtesy of the Russell L. and Lyn Wood Mining History Archive, Arthur Lakes Library, Colorado School of Mines.

Known information about the item is provided in the item's record as an aid in determining the appropriate use of the item, but that determination ultimately rests with the user. If you wish to publish or reproduce material in any form that exceeds fair use provisions or use the materials for any commercial purpose, including display or web page use, you must obtain prior written permission from the copyright holder.

Questions or comments? Please contact the Arthur Lakes Library via Ask a Librarian.