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Open Access

OA Champion of the Month

The purpose of this award is to celebrate OA publications and those who support the Open Access movement. Open Access helps more researchers access and benefit from the Colorado School of Mines' great contributions to science. The OA Champion of the Month will be selected based on how many open access publications the nominee has completed and how active the applicant is in their field of research. As soon as the OA champion of the month is selected, we'll feature the Champion, information, link to their work here. And best of all, they'll get to hold onto the OA Champion trophy for a month.

Joseph Kraus- Open Access Champion July-August 2022

Joseph Kraus has been an Open Access (OA) advocate since when he first learned of the concept in 1999. In 2009, he was on the committee that founded the OA journal, Collaborative Librarianship. (See In 2013, he co-founded another OA publication called the Journal of Creative Library Practice. (See When he writes articles or reports, he supports publishers that allow for Green or Gold OA submissions.

Joseph has been with the Arthur Lakes Library since June of 2019. Prior to joining Mines, he was at the University of Denver Main Library from 1998 to 2016. Before that, he was at George Mason University from 1995 to 1998.

Call for nominations

Have you been publishing Open Access or know someone who has? Let us know so we can celebrate such accomplishments as the OA Champion of the Month. We'll feature the Champion on the Library website, link to their work, and best of all, they'll get to hold onto the OA Champion trophy for a month. Please use the link above to access the application, it will only take about five minutes from your time to submit.

Past Champions


Maryam Alahmar- Open Access Champion May-June 2022

Maryam is a Ph.D candidate in civil engineering with a focus on underground construction and tunneling. She is a Grand Challenges in Engineering program scholar and Peace Corps prep program scholar. She is also a certified peer educator.  Maryam joined Mines in 2017 and is planning to graduate Dec 2022.  Maryam is an outdoor person. She likes to hike, run, and travel. She also, very much, enjoys sup yoga.

Maryam served as Open Educational Resources Fellow at the Colorado School of Mines. The main objective of the fellowship was to support open science practices through open access publishing, which has significant impact on making research available free of charge universally. In 2020, Maryam worked closely with the Scholarly Communications Librarian to develop a pilot Open Access (OA) publishing grant program to support and expand OA across the Colorado School of Mines campus. She conducted extensive research about the Open Educational Resources. Then, she helped prepare the proposal of the pilot program. Moreover, Maryam created a web page detailing and  promoting the program and Open Access publishing in general. The page is part of the main website of the Colorado School of Mines library.

Zane Jobe- Open Access Champion April-May 2022


Zane Jobe is a research professor at Colorado School of Mines and the Director of the Chevron Center of Research Excellence (CoRE). Prior to Mines, Zane spent 6 years in the Clastics Research Team at Shell Oil Company. His research interests aim to better understand the stratigraphic architecture, scaling relationships, and sediment budgets for clastic depositional systems, with an emphasis on submarine environments. Zane also manages the “Earth Resource Data Science” program at Mines, which focuses on applied data science and machine - learning using python and subsurface datasets. Zane also enjoys cycling and hunting an d thinks that copious amounts of yard work can be cathartic. Zane received a B.S. in Geology from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2004, and a Ph.D. in Geology from Stanford University in 2010 (advisor - Don Lowe)

Zane supports open access by submitting articles to diamond open access journals and reviewing for those journals, budgeting in proposals for open access fees, and generally ringing the bell for open access. Zane has published at least 10 Open Access articles.