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Find Grey Literature

A quick guide to finding and using grey literature in your research

What is Grey Literature?

 Grey literature is typically unpublished or informally published works from the government, research groups, think tanks and professional associations and may include all kinds of sources, including:

  • Technical reports
  • Standardslogos of grey literature collections
  • Fact sheets
  • Patents
  • Government reports
  • White papers
  • Technical specifications
  • And more…

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Example Citations

Technical Report

National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Building and calibration of a FAST model of the SWAY prototype floating wind turbine  preprint. By J.H. Koh. (NREL/CP-5000-60096). September 2013. (Conference Paper). Available at:; Accessed: 05/12/2014.



"Energy integrative building with ecological environmental protection" by Xudong Liu, Geng Liu, and Ziyan Liu. U.S. Patent 8,615,940 (Dec. 31, 2013). Available at: Google, Patents, Accessed: 12/09/2016.