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HASS 441 -- African Development

This guide contains links, database recommendations and tips for students in Dr. Hudson's African Development class

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Brianna Buljung

Conducting a Literature Review

Conducting a literature Review for the first time can be confusing.  These tutorials will provide you with tips and examples.

Source: Literature Review, video tutorial, by Emily Bongiovanni and Brianna Buljung


Source: Conducting a Literature Review, LibWizard tutorial, by Brianna Buljung

Scholarly Sources

Get started with your research for your paper in these broad, multi-disciplinary resources.

Additional Sources

Finding Good Web Resources

Use these good search habits to find high quality, authoritative sources on the internet:

1)  Limit your Google Search by domain -- add site:. before a domain, such as .gov or .edu. 

2) Use Google Scholar, instead of the regular Google search box to find for scholarly articles

3) Let the Google Scholar citation help you find related articles, create a citation or get the full text from the library


These websites contain great information for your project

Finding Country Information

When working on your project, consider the country of origin for your sources.  You will want to be sure to include voices and perspectives from the Middle East, and not just sources from the West.  Here are some sources to get started with:

Search for information from your country using their domain:

  1. Find the internet domain for your country

  2. Search Google using “site:.___”  For example, if I am looking for migrant workers in Dubai, my search might look like this: "migrant worker"