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Libguides Canvas Integration

What is Libguides?

Libguides, or research guides, is a content management tool used by the library to publish content or course specific guides.  These guides are useful for students looking for resources for an assignment, course or subject.

These guides can now be embedded in Canvas.  There is an extensive list of guides for subjects, courses and other resources.


How to Embed Libguides into Canvas

1. Navigate to Courses -> Pages.  Create a new page or edit an exist page.

Canvas pages tab

2. Select the "Apps" option from the tool bar.  Click "view all."

3. Select "Library Guides & Resources," then click "Done."

4. To embed a Research Guide, select "Library Guides" on the LibGuides site dropdown.  You can then select from a full guide, a single page, or a single content box.

Dropdown with Full Guide selected

5. Select the guide you would like to embed.

LibGuide dropdown

6. If you would like to embed a list of databases for a specific subject, chose databases from the "Content Type" dropdown.  Choose the subject you would like to have a list of databases from.

Embed databases selected

7. All can also embed the entire Database A-Z list.

LibGuides embed Database A-Z list highlighted