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Crave reading beyond textbooks? Need something relaxing, interesting, entertaining or enlightening? Give some of these books a try.

Looking For A Good Book To Read?


Take a break and browse the Mines Library’s Popular Reading Collection.  It offers the latest print bestsellers and hot titles in fiction and non-fiction. The collection is located in the lobby of the main entrance, conveniently next to the Book & Brew Coffee Shop.


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Popular Print Journals - In The Browsing Room

WIRED Magazine Cover
Backpacker Magazine Cover
Sports Illustrated cover
Runner's World Cover
Popular Science cover
Outside cover
National Geographic cover
Ms. cover
Esquire cover
Colorado Outdoors cover
Car and Driver cover

Virtual Options

Other Places for Good Books

If our library does not have what you're looking for you'll likely be able to find it in one of our regional public libraries systems.

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Genres & Formats in the Book Stacks

Literature is not housed in one central location; however, you'll find them on the 3rd floor in PA - PZ.

Note: most fiction is PZ e.g. Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone

Biography books are integrated throughout the collection according to subject. A number of biographies are available as ebooks. The best way to locate a biography is to search the catalog for the name of the person and "biography."

Poetry is not housed in one central location; however, there are some groupings that you may want to explore:

  • Collections of General Poetry: PN 6099-6110
  • English Poetry: PR 500-614
  • Collections of English Poetry: PR 1170-1228
  • American Poetry: PS 301-326
  • Collections of American Poetry: PS 580-619
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Have a Title Suggestion or a Comment?

Have a book you would like to see in the Popular Reading Collection? Or, do you have a comment about the collection? If so, tell us about it!