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KIC BookEdge Scanner: Get Started

New State-of-the-Art Scanner

State-of-the-Art Scanner Available

Be sure to check out our Technology Fee-funded KIC scanner (behind the OrePrint printers) by the 2nd floor Computer Commons during your next visit to the Library.  Please give it a try and let us know what you think!



Let Us Know What You Think!


Features of the BookEdge KIC Scanner

The KIC BookEdge tabletop system embodies state-of-the-art walk-up scanning solutions for students, faculty and Library visitors.  Using a touch screen, scan in black and white, grey scale or color, at resolutions up to 600dpi and output to a variety of formats including searchable PDF, JPEG, and PNG.


What can the KIC scanner do?

Scan up to 24x17 inch bound or unbound material at twice the speed of a high-speed copier

Create full color electronic images

Review electronic images at nearly full-size before saving

Create searchable PDF, JPEG, PNG and editable text files

Go "green" and promote minimal use of paper and ink (there is no attached printer)


How does the KIC store information?

USB drive (thumb drives are available for purchase at the Front Desk)

Email (type in your email address to send the files directly to your inbox)

Your phone, tablet or laptop (via the SmartDock)

What will I see?

Select Scan, then answer the copyright notice/question. Touch Accept and the scan session will begin automatically.


A few seconds after accepting the copyright statement, the first scanned image will be displayed on the screen. If the KIC system detects that the document being scanned is a book, the system automatically splits the left from the right pages into two different images.



A thumbnail image of each scanned page is displayed at the top of the interactive touch screen. You can preview any scanned image by simply clicking on a specific thumbnail and viewing on the monitor.

To continue scanning additional pages, touch Scan or use the foot pedal on the floor.

Modify images under the Scan "Change Settings" option (resolution, color, brightness, contrast) and/or Modify Image(s) (rotate, crop, color, brightness).

Save your images by inserting a USB Flash Drive and press the Save/Send tab and select Save to USB Drive, or touch the Send via E-mail option and use the keyboard.

You can also save directly to your WiFi-enabled phone, tablet or laptop via the KIC SmartDock:

After saving images, choose to continue scanning or end your session.

Systems Discovery Librarian

High Resolution Scan (up to 600 dpi)

Step 1: Place item on the scan bed

Step 2: Choose Change Settings and select desired resolution

Step 3: Select Scan and accept Copyright Notice

Step 4: Save or Send file

Scan and Save

Scan to Smart Device

Send to Email