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CSM 101 -- Freshmen Success Seminar: Group Activity

This guide provides links to activities for the CSM 101 library session

CSM 101 -- Library Session

Welcome to the CSM 101 Library Session!

The links below correspond to the colored card on your tables.  You'll use them to explore the conversation between various pieces of research.  

Links for Team Activity

Red Team - Einstein, 1905photo of Albert Einstein

See also: 


Yellow Team - ADM Grace Hopper, 1946photo of ADM Grace Hopper

See also:


Purple Team - Watson, Crick, Franklin, Wilkins and others, 1953

See also:


Blue Team - Turing, 1950photo of Alan Touring

See also:


Green Team - Hedy Lamarr, 1942photo of Hedy Lamaar

See also:

Teaching & Learning Librarian

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Brianna Buljung

Minute Papers


Here is the link for the pre and post session minute papers