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Course Reserves : Get Started

Course Reserves Update

Due to Covid-19, and the necessity of quarantining physical materials, we are unable to offer physical course reserves for the fall semester.  However, we can help you identify alternative resources that will assist your students and we highly encourage you to contact us. 

We recognize that course reserves are an important service for students and we are committed to helping throughout this process.


If you would like to get started on your own, please consider the following steps


1) Search The Library’s Catalog

Search the Arthur Lakes Library’s catalog for your desired titles to see if an electronic copy is already available or for suitable alternativesUtilize the “available online” filter to narrow your results (see example on the right). Items that have unlimited multi-user access will allow for the most amount of access. You can share these resources with the permalink or through, Leganto, which is a tool that helps to seamlessly add resources into Canvas pages. 

2) Look Into Open Educational Resource Alternatives

Consider Open Educational Resources (OER) that meet your course needs. OER are freely available materials for teaching and learning. They are free for students to access and for instructors to modify. They allow instructors to easily pick and choose parts of resources to use. OER is directly in line with the goals and plan of Mines @ 150, which includes expanding offerings, diversifying delivery, and providing curricula that are financially accessible. OER makes higher education more accessible and equitable. 


To get started check out the repositories and resources listed on the OER Guide.

3) Ask A Librarian To Explore Options With You

If you would like to work with a Librarian to explore these and other options, including purchasing relevant material in e-format, please contact us!

We're looking forward to working with you to find solutions for your course!

Searching the catalog effectively

A Note On Making Digital Copies...

While there are some exemptions to the restrictions of copyright law in the educational settings, called Fair Use, these exemptions still have many limitations. Unfortunately, the library is unable to fulfill digitization requests for course reserves at this time. 


Questions or Concerns: Please contact Emily Bongiovanni, Scholary Communications Librarian