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Course Readings

Instructions for faculty and staff for adding and managing Course Readings in Canvas

Add Items via Collection

  • Your Collection consists of materials you have saved from a Mines Library Catalog search
    • Add this Item to My Favorites from the Library Catalog (in order to remain in your Favorites - you must be logged into the Library Catalog)
  • Your Collection can also represent items from past Course Readings lists that you have copied to your Collection
    • Copy to My Collection from the item in Course Readings (as you add more items to your Course Readings List, you can follow this same process to add more to My Collection)
    • Add Items to Collection from Collection - remain within Course Readings to add additional items to your Collection without adding to a particular course
  • Once saved, resources will remain until they are deleted by the user 


Library Catalog - Add this Item to My Favorites Image


Course Readings - Copy to My Collection Image


How to Get to Collection

Filter Collection by Tags

Includes all tags that you have added to your Collection

Filter Collection by Types

Includes all types of materials that are in your Collection