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Open Access: Open Access Pilot Mini-Grants

Call for proposal - OA grant

The Arthur Lakes Library is soliciting proposals for grants that will expand the adoption of Open Access publishing at Colorado School of Mines. This is a pilot program feedback is welcome! 

Open Access Pilot Mini-Grants Proposal


The purpose of the incentive award is to support Open Science through Open Access Publishing. Open Access (OA) means research output is disseminated freely online. There are many benefits to Open Access publishing. For example, by making your work freely available online, anyone can access, read, and cite your work. This can help raise the visibility of your publication and allow the public to benefit from your research.


Author Eligibility:

This funding opportunity supports Mines-employed authors, including Administrative or Academic Faculty of any rank or type (Instructor, Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor, Librarian and Research Faculty). 

Journal Eligibility: 

  • Scholarly journals that are peer-reviewed, fully open access and accessible immediately on publication, are eligible.
  • Journals listed in DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals are preferred.
  • "Hybrid" journals (journals that publish both open access and closed access articles) are not eligible.


Awardees will receive up to $500 in professional development or research funds. It is expected that these funds may be used to cover Article Processing Costs, but not required. For articles with multiple Mines-affiliated authors, an initial $500 will be awarded and an additional $100 will be awarded for each Mines author (up to $1000 total). Awardees will decide how funding is split among authors. At this time, students cannot directly receive this award.  


  • Applications will be evaluated on authorship and level of peer review.
  • Applications that have multiple Mines-affiliated authors and have Mines students as listed authors will be ranked higher than application that do not.
  • Applications will not be evaluated on the subject matter, discipline or estimated level of impact. In other words, any good research could receive this grant; it doesn't have to be earth-shaking and/or published in discipline's top journal.
  • Application questions regarding the research is purely for information purposes.

Please see the rubric below for more details.






Student Authors

More than one Mines student co-authors are listed

One Mines student co-authors is listed

No Mines student co-authors are identified

Other Mines-Affiliated Co-Authors

The main author is Mines affiliated student and the co-author is Mines affiliated faculty

The main author is Mines affiliated faculty

The main author is not Mines affiliated faculty or student

Level of Peer Review

All articles in the journal are peer reviewed and has a review policy listed

All articles in the journal are peer reviewed, but has no review policy listed

Not all articles in the journal are peer reviewed, nor has review policy listed

Status of Paper

The article is submitted for publishing and accepted

The article is submitted for publishing but not yet accepted

The article is not submitted for publishing yet


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Emily Bongiovanni

ORE & OA Fellow