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SciTech Premium Collection

SciTech Premium Collection  

Is your research cutting edge? 

SciTech Premium Leads discovery of grey literature.

Reports, working papers, conference papers and proceedings, trade publications, and these are useful for uncovering research that is so new that it has not yet passed the peer review process.

The SciTech Premium Collection supports a wide range of search strategies for all types of users, from early and general researchers to domain-specific search experts.  Named as Best Interface in the 2015 Charleston Advisor Reader’s Choice Awards.




Gale Primary

Gale Primary

The 6 collections are all standalone databases.  However, we also have two new platforms from Gale that have the ability to simultaneously cross-search the different collections: Gale NewsVault and Gale Primary Sources. 

      A collection of 300 U.S. newspapers, 1.7 million                                          pages of primary source newspapers 

   5.4 Million Pages across four parts:

                                               Part1: Debates over Slavery & Abolition,

                                               Part2: Slave Trade in the Atlantic World,

                                               Part3: Institution of Slavery,

                                               Part4: Age of Emancipation 

 Covering more than 400 years & more than 65,000                                        volumes in North, Central, and South America                                                 and the West Indies 

   Covers 225 years of History. Best-known and most                                      cited newspaper in the world. 

   A collection of 500 U.S. newspapers, 1.7 million                                          pages of primary source newspapers 

A collection of 300 U.S. newspapers, 1.7 million pages of primary source newspapers Every significant English-Language and                                                    foreign-language title printed in the  United Kingdom                                   between the years 1701-1800

The Chronicle

Chronicle of Higher Education 

The No. 1 source of news, information, and jobs for college and university fa​culty members and administrators.


Advanced Techologies & Aerospace Database

Advanced Technologies & Aerospace    


“Thinking about studying Space Resources the first program of its kind? 

We’ve got you covered.” 

 By simplifying the interface, this database has been made accessible and unintimidating to less experienced researchers who value the confidence of searching within a database tailored to their area of study.

Research innovative electronics and technology with access to full-text documents

Includes the renowned Aerospace Database




ProQuest Congressional Hearings Digital Collection

ProQuest Congressional Hearings Digital Collection

Did you know that Stephen Colbert was a Congressional Hearings Witness?  Check out his and others in our new full-text collection

We have purchased ALL Congressional Hearings from 1824 to present.  Previously we only had print from 1970's to current for only science and engineering subjects.  ​


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