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Chelsea: Get Started

This guide is for the Adult Learners Institute of Chelsea.

Links for the Adult Learners Institute of Chelsea

Google Earth:

Map Quest:

Open Street Map: 

The National Map (Topography ++):

Nautical charts: 



U.S. Geological Survey and other agencies aerial photographs (rather complicated):

Michigan GIS data:

Michigan open GIS data:

Michigan DNR GIS data:

Washtenaw county:

NYC noise complaints:

NYC traffic:

Migration map:


Story maps:

Make your own maps:  Mapbox :

Scanned maps at the Colorado School of Mines Institutional Repository: 

Library of Congress:

David Rumsey:

Historic topographic maps of U.S.: 

Mappery (14,000+ maps): 

Sanborns (detailed property maps): 1884 1892 1899  1909  1918
next one is 1929 – available 2025

University of Texas, Austin (scans of 1,000s of maps):

Cool maps: 

How well do you know the world?
Can you top my score of 24,943?
Can you stop playing? 

Map & GIS Librarian and Academic Outreach Coordinator