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LibQual+ Survey: Library Survey

This guide has the link to and details about the 2018 LibQual+ survey

Taking the Survey

Click here to take the survey.
(note, if you have problems accessing the survey, wait and try again)


Starting February 12 and running through March 02 the Arthur Lakes Library will be conducting a voluntary survey to measure your perceptions of the quality of service provided by the library.

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the survey!

The survey called LibQUAL+ is an effort to define and measure library service quality and create useful quality assessment tools for libraries.

This survey asks for three ratings for each question:

  1. The minimum service level considered adequate
  2. The desired level of service and
  3. What is the current level of service.

Tell us about the things you like or don’t like about the library.

Tell us what is important to you. You will be asked questions about resources, collections, the physical environment, and user services.

Time is valuable so incentives will be awarded at the conclusion of the survey.  If you wish to be entered for this drawing you will have to include your email address.

(Please note the surveys are confidential -- to protect your privacy, email addresses are separated from survey responses).

Incentives: Arthur Lakes Library will give away 14 $50.00 gift cards.

Contact for feedback or additional information:

Patricia Andersen
Phone:  303 273-3652
Fax:      303 273-3199

Access Services & Assessment Librarian